Mesa Boogie Releases New Express 5:25+ and 5:50+ Amps

The new Mesa Boogie Express 5:25+ and 5:50+ amps have taken the company's famous tone a big step further with a new-and-improved update to an already-famous series.

New features for the soon-to-be released Express 5:25+ and 5:50+ models include: 

-Improved CLEAN Mode that has more sparkle in the highs and warm, breathing lows – Plus a significantly better signal to noise ratio.

- Patented Multi-Watt Channel Assignable Power! Both Express Plus models allow you to run the output tubes in your choice of three different wattage ratings per Channel (5:25 2xEL84 = 5/15/30 – 5:50 2x6L6 = 5/25/50), each with it’s own tone-spawning Operating Class and Wiring Configuration!

- Legendary 5-Band Graphic Equalizer! Sliders are added alongside the original PRESET Contour Controls allowing you to footswitch or auto-assign the 5 Band SLIDERS or the PRESET Control in each Channel.

- Performance Enhancing SOLO Control. Provides an additional footswitchable Master Output control that allows you to preset the perfect amount of volume boost to showcase featured parts and trigger it on the fly.

- 4-Button Footswitch – Instant access to Channels, Reverb, EQ & Solo

More info can be found at Mesa Boogie's website

Below is a video of a video of the new series in action courtesy of Mesa Boogie: 


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