Lamb Of God Singer Randy Blythe Released From Prison

After more than one month in a Czech Republic prison, Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe has been released on bail.

Blythe's publicist confirmed the news to on Friday.

The 41-year-old front man was arrested in the Czech Republic on June 27 and charged with bodily harm resulting in death. The charge stems from an incident in May of 2010 at a club in Prague in which Blythe allegedly shoved a fan from the stage, to which it is reported that the victim later died of injuries sustained from the fall. 

Martina Lhotáková, spokeswoman for Prague's Municipal Court, said: "The only condition of release was the approximately 8 million Czech Koruna [approximately $400,000 USD) bail [which has already been paid]."

The singer's lawyer Martin Radvan has said that Blythe is fully committed to returning to face the charges as "he believes he is not guilty". Radvan said: "As a world-renowned artist, in a specific genre of music, of course, he cannot afford to simply disappear. If he wants to continue performing, he will have to return. And he wants to return because he believes he is not guilty of anything he has been charged with." 

If convicted, Blythe could face 10 years in prison.

In the meantime, Lamb of God was forced to cancel their upcoming tour with supporting acts Dethklok and Gojira as a result of Blythe's arrest. 

According to a release by the band's publicist on Friday, however, Lamb of God will play Knotfest shows in Council Bluffs, Iowa on August 17 and Somerset, Wisconsin on August 18. The band is also targeting October 26 as the start date for a U.S. tour. 

Blythe is expected to speak publicly regarding the matter next week. 


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