VOX Announces 'Rake In The Rebates' Coupons For Up To $200

VOX Amplification announced on Monday "Rake in the Rebates", a fall rebate promotion that includes the popular Night Train amplifier heads, the DelayLab multi-effect delay pedal, the Dynamic Looper pedal, and Tony Bruno designed VOX amplifiers. The rebate period runs from October 1st 2012, through December 31st 2012, and applies to qualifying new products purchased by U.S. residents from an authorized VOX dealer in the USA. Full details and a downloadable rebate coupon can be found at www.voxamps.com/us/promos/

Rebates are available on the following products:

Night Train 50 (NT50H) 50-Watt Amplifier Head - $200 rebate
Night Train (NT15H) 15-Watt Amplifier Head - $100 rebate
Lil' Night Train (NT2H) 2-Watt Amplifier Head - $50 rebate
Bruno TB35C1 (35 Watt 1x12 Combo) - $200 rebate
Bruno TM35C2 (35 Watt 2 x 12 Combo) - $200 Rebate
DelayLab Guitar Effects Pedal - $25 rebate
Dynamic Looper (VDL1) Multi Effect Pedal - $25 rebate

Night Train Series
The VOX Night Train Series projects a powerful personality with its mirror-finish metallic exterior and serious all-tube sound. Small in size but huge on tone, the series features the original 15-Watt Night Train, the Night Train 50, and the 2-Watt Lil' Night Train, as well as matching cabinets. 

TB35C1 & TB35C2 Amplifiers
Designed with American boutique-amp designer Tony Bruno, the VOX Bruno TB35C1 & TB35C2 venture into new tonal territory. A departure from VOX's British pedigree, the Bruno Series offers a Vintage American voice with diverse features. The footswitchable Macho mode drives the tubes harder, increasing the mids and gain. Bass Boost adds to the low end, and Master Volume Bypass satisfies players who seek pure tube tones.

DelayLab offers 30 types of modeled delay effects from every era-analog, tape, reverse, ambient delays-plus numerous original and modern delay types. In addition, it offers an overdubbing stereo looper that can capture up to 28 seconds; 30 stage-ready programs; and a wealth of extras, all packed into a sturdy diecast body.

Dynamic Looper
The Dynamic Looper offers two separate loops with undo, redo, infinite overdubbing, and resampling. Pre Effects enhance the sound during recording; Loop Effects dramatically alter the loop playback. A full-size, built-in pedal offers intuitive control.


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