VOX Announces Tone Garage Series of Tube/Analog Pedals

VOX Amplification has added the Tone Garage series of guitar pedals to its lineup. The series is comprised of five effects units that feature all-analog circuitry. The Flat 4 Boost, the V8 Distortion, and the Straight 6 Drive all feature a carefully-matched, high voltage VOX 12AX7 tube. The Flat 4 Boost also incorporates a passive Baxandall EQ circuit. The Double Deca Analog Delay features three V3205 Bucket Brigade chips, and the Trike Fuzz octave/fuzz pedal features specially-selected, high-quality diodes. Vox engineers named the series "Tone Garage" for its boutique-inspired, hot-rodded and modded designs that deliver classic and unique tones not found elsewhere.

The pedals' all-discrete circuits use no op-amps or ICs (Integrated Circuits), instead using individual transistors, resistors, capacitors, and coils. Specially-created for three of the pedals in this series is a new VOX vacuum tube circuit technology called "Hi-Volt," which delivers high voltage (200V) to a 12AX7 vacuum tube using the included 6x AA batteries or an optional DC9V adaptor (fairly unique to a high voltage pedal, Tone Garage pedals can run on most commonly-found DC9V power supplies). The result is highly dynamic and responsive tones with the feel and dynamic range players associate with vacuum tube amps.

All five pedals are equipped with a convenient toggle switch that's designed to alter the EQ for additional sonic options, and each is housed in a sturdy aluminum die cast body to withstand the rigors of the road. Battery life is approximately 7 hours with 6 x AA batteries.

Additional Tone Garage Series features include:
  • Flat 4 Boost
    • Full range boost with mid and treble boost
    • High voltage design for maximum tube tone
    • Passive Baxandall EQ circuit for a pure and natural tone

  • Straight 6 Overdrive
    • Classic British overdrive with wide range of dynamics
    • High voltage design featuring a 12AX7 for maximum tube tone

  • V8 Distortion
    • High-gain distortion ideal for heavy riffs and solos
    • High voltage design featuring a 12AX7 for maximum tube tone

  • Double Deca Delay
    • Multi-function Analog delay pedal
    • Three V3205 BBD Bucket Brigade Chips
    • Up to 900ms of delay time

  • Trike Fuzz
    • Multi-functional octave fuzz pedal
    • Wide range of vintage, thick-sounding, fuzz tones using special, hand-selected diodes
    • Octave up, Octave down or a mixture of both

The VOX ToneGarage series of guitar effects pedals will be available in late Summer 2013, with the following U.S. Street prices: 

$139 - Trike Fuzz; $159 - V8, Straight 6, Double Deca Delay, Flat 4

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